T2200 Forms: What You Need to Know

Around this time of year, employees often request their employer to sign off on a T2200 form for them.

What Payroll & Managers Need to Know About T2200 Forms for Employees

What is a T2200?

The T2200 is a Declaration of Conditions and Employment form that an employer completes for employees in the event where an employee's conditions of employment requires them to work from home and/or results in them incurring expenses.

T2200s can be shared with employees as a PDF which can be printed and completed manually or as a fillable / savable PDF, which can be completed electronically. Here is the link to both versions.

Canada Revenue Agency's eligible employment expenses guide can be found here.

In Québec

For employees in Québec, the T2200 equivalent form is called TP-64.3-V, General Employment Conditions. It is also available in PDF and fillable PDF formats. Here is the link to both versions.

Revenu Québec's eligible employment expenses guide can be found here.

Additional Resources on T2200s

  • The HR Insider has put together a guide for employees to help them determine if they qualify for a T2200.
  • This week, the Canadian Payroll Association is offering a webinar on the topic, for more information or to register, click here.

Helping your employees determine their T2200 eligibility and making sure they are aware that their forms may not be accepted by CRA, are important steps in maintaining good relationships with your employees.

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