Employee Termination Best Practices

October 20, 2015

Learn from HR & Payroll industry experts

Brian Kreissl and Annie Chong of Carswell, a Thomson Reuters Company share what HR, Payroll, and managers need to know when it comes to employee terminations in Canada.

For HR & Managers:

  • The basics of employee termination law
  • Terminations with and without cause
  • The decision to terminate
  • Conducting a termination meeting
  • Following the termination
  • Alternatives to termination

For Payroll:

  • Reasons for termination (voluntary versus involuntary)
  • How to effectively plan a termination
  • Treatment of legislated lieu of notice versus excess lieu of notice
  • Legislated severance pay and requirements
  • Difference between salary continuance and retiring allowance
  • The importance of a Record of Employment (ROE)

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