How to Read Your T4A Tax Slip

What do all those boxes on your T4A Tax Slip mean?

A T4A, also known as the Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income is a year-end tax form that shows when you have been paid the following types of income:

  • pension or superannuation;
  • lump-sum payments;
  • self-employed commissions;
  • annuities;
  • patronage allocations;
  • registered education savings plan (RESP) accumulated income payments;
  • RESP educational assistance payments;
  • fees or other amounts for services; or
  • other income such as research grants, wage-loss replacement plan payments if you were not required to withhold Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions and employment insurance (EI) premiums, death benefits, or certain benefits paid to partnerships or shareholders.

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The Anatomy of a T4A Tax Slip from Avanti Software

A Description of Each Box in a T4A Income Tax Slip

Box 12 - Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Your Social Insurance Number.

Box 16 - Pension or superannuation
This is any pension or superannuation amount paid to you.

Box 18 - Lump-sum payments
This box contains any lump sum payments you have received. It will include any amounts from the following boxes: 102,108,110, 158, 180,190.

Box 20 - Self-employed commissions
This box contains any commissions you received when you were self-employed.

Box 22 - Income tax deducted
This is any income tax that was deducted from payments made to you.

Box 24 - Annuities
This box contains any annuities you received.

Box 48 - Fees for services
This box contains any fees you paid for business services.

Other Information Boxes on Your T4A

All other box numbers will be entered as required. Here is an explanation of additional box numbers that you may see on your T4A income tax slip:

Box 26 - Eligible retiring allowances

Box 27 - Non-eligible retiring allowances

Box 28 - Other income

Box 30 - Patronage allocations

Box 32 - Registered pension plan contributions (past service)

Box 34 - Pension adjustment

Box 40 - RESP accumulated Income Payments

Box 42 - RESP educational assistance

Box 46 - Donations and gifts

Box 48 - Fees for services

Box 131 - Registered disability savings plan

Box 133 - Variable pension benefits

Box 135 - Premiums for private health services

Box 102 - Lump-sum payments - non-resident

Box 104 - Research grants

Box 105 - Scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, artists’ project grants and prizes

Box 106 - Death benefits from employer

Box 107 - Wage-loss replacement plan

Box 108 - Lump-sum payments from a RPP

Box 109 - Periodic pay from unregistered plan

Box 110 - Lump-sum payments accr. Dec 31, 1971

Box 111 - Income averaging annuity contracts

Box 115 - DPSP annuity or instalment payments

Box 116 - Medical travel assistance

Box 117 - Loan benefit

Box 118 - Medical premium benefits

Box 119 - Group term life insurance premiums

Box 122 - RESP accumulated income payments to other

Box 123 - Payments from a revoked DPSP

Box 124 - Board and lodging at special work sites

Box 125 - Disability benefits from pension

Box 126 - Pre-1990 past service contributions while a contributor

Box 127 - Veterans' benefits

Box 129 - Tax deferred cooperative share

Box 130 - Apprenticeship incentive or completion grant

Box 131 - Registered disability savings plan

Box 132 - Wage Earner Protection Program

Box 134 - TFSA taxable amount

Box 136 - Federal income support for parents of murdered or missing children grant

Box 142 - Status Indian (exempt income) - Eligible retiring allowances

Box 143 - Status Indian (exempt income) - Non-eligible retiring allowance

Box 144 - Status Indian (exempt income) - Other Income

Box 146 - Status Indian (exempt income) - Pension or superannuation

Box 148 - Status Indian (exempt income) - Lump-sum payments

Box 150 - Labour Adjustment. Benefits Act and Appropriation Acts

Box 152 - SUBP qualified under the income tax act

Box 154 - Cash award from or prize from payer

Box 156 - Bankruptcy settlement

Box 158 - Lump-sum payments that are not reported elsewhere

Box 162 - Pre-1990 past service contributions while not a contributor

Box 180 - Lump-sum payments from a DPSP

Box 190 - Lump-sum payments from an unregistered plan

Box 194 - PRPP Payments

Box 195 - Status Indian (exempt income) PRPP payments

Box 196 - Tuition assistance for adult basic education

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For more information, please consult the Canada Revenue Agency website.

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